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It’s very unfortunate that I produced my first Windows 7 bluescreen by using Windows Backup & Restore utility. What I tried to do is to backup my data to a network location, which was a Samba server hosting some space for that purpose.

The problem is reproduceable and didn’t occure the first time I saved my data, so I decided to switch to my external hard drive to avoid the issue. Unfortunately, the Backup & Restore utility didn’t recognize my storage which needs to be mounted because it’s a Truecrypt encrypted device.

To overcome this issue I created a folder on my external hard drive and shared it as network location. This done it was easy to create a link to this new “network location” and to start a new attempt. It worked the first time and I’m curious to see if it’ll work in the future too.

If you have a MOBO with 2 RAID controllers installed you might experience problems during the installation of  Windows Vista or Windows 7. In my case both Windows Vista and 7 RC weren’t able to load the installation wizard.

The solution is to turn off one of the RAID controllers in the BIOS. It won’t help if you just remove the connections to the hard drives connected to one of the controllers!

I didn’t  had any problems with Linux (Archlinux) so far, it just recognizes the hard drives as expected. 🙂


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