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Today, the company’s IT and I wanted to install .Net 3.5 on a workstation. Wondering why it takes so long, I started my favorite search engine and looked for a solution. And after a few clicks, I finally found it…. the network connection. On the company’s network there is a great number of network shares available. Before installation, the .Net installer wants to see all the files in that folders. Because there are a lot of folders with even more files on the network, the better idea was to take of the network cable until the installer finished looking for files on the network shares.

I hope this helps…

If you have a MOBO with 2 RAID controllers installed you might experience problems during the installation of  Windows Vista or Windows 7. In my case both Windows Vista and 7 RC weren’t able to load the installation wizard.

The solution is to turn off one of the RAID controllers in the BIOS. It won’t help if you just remove the connections to the hard drives connected to one of the controllers!

I didn’t  had any problems with Linux (Archlinux) so far, it just recognizes the hard drives as expected. 🙂


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