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Der letzte Tag der ICSOFT 2011 brachte sehr viel mehr auch handwerklich gute Präsentation. Für diejenigen, die es interessiert, die HP Labs Singapore planen die Versionsverwaltung in die Cloud zu verlagern… aber das nur am Rande.

Am Abend ging es dann noch mit einer bunt gemischten Truppe (aus Frankreich, Rumänien, U.S.A., China und Deutschland) durch die Altstadt von Sevilla zum besten Restaurant der Stadt (jedenfalls laut Restaurantführer). Aber die Preise waren, meiner Meinung nach, sehr in Ordnung, soll heißen, 100 € für 6 Mann. In dem Preis enthalten eine Karaffe Sangria, 2 Flaschen Wein und Tapas.

Nach der Stärkung ging es weiter in die Altstadt hinein und nach vielen interessanten Gesprächen und 2 weiteren Stops war der Abend dann (leider) auch schon rum.

Gestern ging es dann über Brüssel wieder zurück nach Berlin. Geflogen bin ich mit Brussel Airlines. In Brüssel bin ich dann in dasselbe Flugzeug umgestiegen, um weiter nach Berlin zu reisen, hätte also sitzenbleiben können. 😉 Ansonsten waren das meine ersten beiden Flüge, die tatsächlich pünktlich waren!


At the moment I am not satisfied with the ICSOFT 2011. There are at least as many bad as good speakers. And with bad I mean bad, as those speakers apparently don’t have any idea how to prepare and to hold a presentation: overloaded slides, bad english (even worse than mine), to name a few problems. I mean, I can understand if one is totally excited (I was this myself before the talk) but a serious preparation can help.

What makes the situation even worse is the lack of audience. I participated in sessions (a serious of presentations) where besides the session chair (person who is responsible for the organisation of the session) and the speakers only 2 more people listened to the talks (fortunately that happened not in my session, though the audience was still too small, so one cannot be satisfied). I mean, one is on a conference to get feedback on his/her results and thoughts but how can this work if nobody is there to give feedback?

The good thing is that many interesting and nice people from many countries in the world are attending the conference. But this won’t be like that next year as some have already expressed doubts regarding their participation in the future.


I’m just sitting in a keynote and I can’t believe what I experience right now. The lecturer is not able to give is talk freely (without reading everything from the paper) and the most figures shown on the slides are not even readable, let alone being explained. This lecturer wouldn’t even notice if the audience is gone. THIS IS EMBARRASSING!!! (Especially when I think of the money I paid for attending to this conference…)

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