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If your plug-in runs flawlessly in your development environment (e.g., Eclipse PDE) but not in your production environment, you might suffer from a ClassDefNotFoundError.

The Problem:

First of all, you may consult the Eclipse Error Log in your production environment to confirm that there is actually a ClassDefNotFoundError thrown. Then, have a look into the JAR created by the Export Wizard: you won’t find the classes expected by your plug-in because the Export Wizard seems to miss some class files.

The Solution:

If you found that the Export Wizard is not exporting all class files but your plug-in works well in you development environment select the option Use class files compiled in the workspace (Options tab) in the Export Wizard.

Good luck!

Nun will ich meine verehrten Leserinnen und Leser nicht weiter auf die Folter spannen und weitergeben, was der Schopenhauer-Kalender zum Juli zu sagen hat:

Und allerdings ist für das Wohl-seyn des Menschen, ja, für die ganze Weise seines Daseyns, die Hauptsache offenbar Das, was ihn ihm selbst besteht, oder vor-geht.

Parerga und Paralipomena, Band 1; Aphorismen zur Lebensweisheit; Kap. 1: Grundeintheilung.


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