…or how I did hide my fingerprints.

I applied for a passport, this new ones with all the biometric stuff. I tried to postpone this but I have to do it, because I hope to need this document at the end of the year.

The fact that you must give your fingerprints away for a simple travelling document annoys me. I just don’t know for which purpose the authorities need this information. I mean I’m not a criminal, at least I’m believing this.

But I don’t give up that easy, not on my fingerprints! I looked through the Internet and found this article (in German). The story in short:  a woman liked to have a passport without fingerprints for her trip to the USA. She asked the CCC to help and they told her to try it with superglue.  And it just worked, she got a passport and an attestation for having no fingers. 😀

Inspired by this great idea I just tried it myself. I prepared every single finger with superglue (kids, don’t try this at home!).

They got real problems reading the fingerprint of my forefingers, so they started to try every finger. Unfortunately, one of the fingers wasn’t as well prepared as I thought and they got a half fingerprint of it. It’s a pity, it started that promising. But better than nothing. 😉

It’s hard work to get rid of the superglue. Two or three more treatments with pumice and I really got no fingerprints at all.

Hopefully, it’s worth it and I get my passport as expected.

Keep your fingers crossed!