I just saw Avatar, you know, the next big thing in the history of cinema.

Yeah, the film is ok’ish, I mean there were moments when I was right on the edge of my seat. The effects are cool, especially  right at the beginning of the film when you’re new to it. Pandora itself is very impressive, my respect for the ideas and creative work.

But the world fells like what it is, an artificial world, a world generated by a computer. All the pictures are really nice, but all the colors don’t give me the impression to be in a real world, the textures remind me more of candy land. Especially the Na’vi lack a proper skin but they’re the main figures in the entire movie!

When this is the new strategy to get more people into the cinema than Hollywood reached its goal, at least for Avatar and my very person. But I am not convinced yet. Currently, I would prefer a Full HD film which I could watch without visual artefacts on my nice 1920×1200 screen. That is what cinema really lacks, proper visual , nice sharp pictures. 3D itself can’t bring me this.

But there is one last important point for me. Even with Avatar there is still a movie missing that justifies the technical effort for me. Will there be a movie or at least a storyline which needs of such a technology?