Today I started my work on a new GTK+ theme engine. The main idea is to use SVG to attract designers who actually are not interested in hacking their own theme engine. The main advantages of SVG are the standardized format and foremost the availability of sophisticated graphics tools. Unlike the current way designers should be enabled to design entire widgets, e.g. buttons, textboxes, slides. Because this way would brake a lot of applications the designer has to provide themes for the old primitives (e.g. box, shadow, hline, vline), too.

For that purpose I’m going to provide a high level primitive via the RcStyleClass which can be used to draw an entire widget. On the other side the old capabilities stay untouched and can be used as expected.

At the moment I’m working on the basis that every GTK+ theme engine has to provide. I hope to get thinks done in about a week as I still have to learn a lot.